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1st "Get Ready" Tournament: Aqua Blocks
1st "Get Ready" Tournament: Aqua Blocks

1st "Get Ready" Tournament: Aqua Blocks

About Simplio

One-Click-Gaming company Simplio has a mission to set a new standard in the gaming market by offering games that are ad-free, completely free to play, and seamlessly erasing differences between Web2 and Web3 games, with a focus on in-game asset ownership and transferability.

Simplio is organizing the first mock “Get Ready” tournament before the “Big Cat” event (a 25-week engagement program for Simplio players, more information coming soon).

About the tournament game Aqua Blocks:

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Aqua Blocks, where charming water-themed graphics and soothing sound effects set the stage for a delightful gaming experience. Strategically arrange blocks to clear lines and score big, using simple drag-and-drop controls to master the art of spatial awareness. Keep an eye out for the three different block shapes that appear at a time, requiring careful planning to fit them into place. Need a boost? Activate the Aqua Power to clear entire lines with a single tap. But beware, as the challenge intensifies with each cleared line. Stay sharp, strategize your moves, and aim for the high score in this addictive puzzle adventure!

Rules and rewards:

  • Tournament starts June 13th at 10 am CET
  • Tournament ends June 16th at 6 pm CET
  • Play the game in the Simplio app: Simplio App
  • Get the highest score (you can track your score in the leaderboard in your Gamer profile)
  • Prize pool of 250 USDT will be divided as follows:
    1st - $30
    2nd - $25
    3rd - $20
    4th - $15
    5th - $10
    6th - 15th - $5
    16th - 25th - $4
    26th - 35th - $3
    36th - 50th - $2
  • Automatic reward distribution 2 days after the end of the tournament
  • Your wallet is automatically created when you connect to the game

Simplio will be adding more games in the upcoming weeks and simultaneously opening its ecosystem to more gamers and partners. Expect more games, weekly tournaments, and rewards in USDT and tokens. For more information, join our Telegram or Discord, or follow us on Twitter:

Simplio Website
Simplio Github
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