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ONE Shogun removing barriers in web3 with hybrid gaming model
ONE Shogun removing barriers in web3 with hybrid gaming model

ONE Shogun removing barriers in web3 with hybrid gaming model

The main idea behind the project is to bring a revolutionary hybrid gaming model which combines web2 with web3 in a new way to create not only long-term sustainability, but profitability for stakeholders.

 is coming with a fun and engaging strategy NFT card game, where Ninjas wage wars against Samurais.

ONE Shogun removing barriers in web3 with hybrid gaming model

Blockchain gaming is still evolving, but the main barriers hindering mass adoption remain. Games are not accessible because of high initial costs for entering the game, many games don’t run on mobile devices and Play-to-Earn tokenomics have consistently relied on new player recruitment and asset generation to stay liquid.

ONE Shogun develops a sustainable GameFi ecosystem which combines Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn in an entirely unique way based on different motivation of web2 and web3 players. While web3 players are primarily motivated by earnings, web2 players are looking for excellent gaming experience, like to invest in enhancements, upgrades, augmentations and in game currency is tantamount to the experience.

ONE Shogun is coming with a unique model to integrate these two diverse groups where spendings of web2 players will cover the earnings of web3 players simultaneously providing the identical gaming experience for both demographics. All players can compete equally against each other, on the same leaderboards, and using the same cards. By maintaining the proper balance of web2 and web3 gamers, not only do both groups share in the fun of battling each other, but the equation becomes balanced.

Similarly, Simplio identifies many other barriers for gamers and has the same purpose to reduce them. Gamers need to find out on which chain the game runs, which wallet to connect to the game, which exchange to use to buy the game tokens and generally they need to use multiple services and solutions to participate in the game.

Simplio is an application that enables playing any game on any blockchain instantly, purchasing/selling tokens and NFTs directly for fiat and exchanging any to any game tokens with one single click of the button which can make the life of gamers and game developers much easier.

Concept of the game

The game is a fun to play strategy card game, where each gamer has a deck of NFT and non-NFT cards with Ninjas and Samurais and they try to beat the opponent by either exhausting their life points or by losing the cards in their deck.

ONE Shogun offers multiple competitive game modes in three categories that allow players to earn rewards, currency, and experience points via solo quests, one-on-one battles , and team-based wars.


ONE Shogun removing barriers in web3 with hybrid gaming model
ONE Shogun NFT collection is currently made up of 10.000 Shogun NFTS — 5,000 Samurais and 5,000 Ninjas.

Gamers can use Shoguns to develop their provinces to create resources that may be used to reinforce armies or exchanged for tokens that can be sold for real-world currency. They can also use them for staking to earn Reward Battle Chests which will be revealed upon the launch of the game.

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