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Simplio Advocates Program: An Exclusive Opportunity for Early Adopters
Simplio Advocates Program: An Exclusive Opportunity for Early Adopters

Simplio Advocates Program: An Exclusive Opportunity for Early Adopters

Simplio is pleased to introduce the Simplio Advocates Program, where our aim is to welcome gaming and blockchain technology enthusiasts to join the exciting journey of Simplio before it reaches the general public.

Simplio Advocates will form a dedicated community with diverse skills, playing a crucial role in leading Simplio to a wider audience, especially targeting Web2 users looking for an easy onboarding process to Web3 games. As part of the program, Advocates will not only get early access to play and test games before official launches, but they will also actively contribute to the development of Simplio App. They will receive exclusive alpha information about the project, have direct interaction with founders and core team members, and be rewarded for their loyalty with perks like early NFT passes or access to IDO.

Why Join the Simplio Advocates Program?

There are many reasons why you should consider joining the Simplio Advocates Program. Here are just a few:

  1. Be Rewarded for Loyalty: Enjoy special rewards, such as early NFT passes or access to exclusive IDOs, as a token of appreciation for your dedication and support.
  2. Be the first one to receive the Simplio Social Token and unlock exclusive rewards and benefits.
  3. Try and Experience Early Access: Get exclusive access to test and play games on the Simplio app before they are officially launched to the public.
  4. Engage in Development Community: Be an active member of our development community, collaborating with founders and the core team to shape the future of Simplio.
  5. Provide Valuable Feedback: Your insights and feedback will play a crucial role in improving the user experience and making Simplio even better.
  6. Share Ideas and Be Heard: Your ideas and contributions will be highly valued, and you’ll have the chance to share your vision for enhancing the platform.
  7. Gain Alpha Information: Receive privileged access to alpha information about the project’s developments and upcoming features.
  8. Interact with Like-Minded Enthusiasts: Connect with a passionate community of like-minded individuals who share a common interest in revolutionize web3 gaming.

How to become a Simplio Advocate

If you’re excited to join us on this incredible journey and be a part of onboarding the next million Web2 users into GameFi, the first step is to join our Discord server! You can start by verifying yourself in the #verification channel and introducing yourself in #intro channel. We highly value active engagement in the community and sharing your ideas, as it will increase your chances of becoming a Simplio Advocate. Selection for the Simplio Advocates Program will be based on a community vote, giving you the opportunity to participate in this exciting initiative.

Please note that there are limited spots available for Simplio Advocates, with only 97 positions left. The earlier you join, the better your chances are of securing a role as a Simplio Advocate. Let’s work together to shape the future of mobile Web3 gaming!

All newcomers will receive a Whitelist (WL) role as a thank you for joining our forces and showing interest in the Simplio project. Please be aware that the Whitelist role is limited to a maximum of 500 users.

How to join Discord channel

Simplio Advocates Program: An Exclusive Opportunity for Early Adopters

Click on Simplio logo once you join our Discord server.

How to write introduction

Simplio Advocates Program: An Exclusive Opportunity for Early Adopters

Write a few words about yourself

About Simplio

Simplio Advocates Program: An Exclusive Opportunity for Early Adopters
Simplio, a pioneering mobile Web3 gaming platform introducing a first-of-its-kind one-click gaming mechanism. The platform is designed to make it straightforward for anyone to engage with games, accumulate and control their in-game digital assets such as tokens and NFTs. Simplio already has over 40 partnerships and plans to add another 100 quality games to its platform.

With Simplio, you’ll experience a user-friendly UI, a seamless Web3 onboarding process, and instant, one-click gaming. Say goodbye to multiple registrations and avatars for different games as Simplio offers one registration and one avatar for all games. Enjoy the convenience of any-to-any game token swaps, purchase and sell gaming assets, and manage NFTs across all games within a self-custodial wallet. Simplio also provides a meta-fee transaction service, ensuring transparency and eliminating hidden fees or advertisements.

Join Discord today and start your journey to becoming a Simplio Advocate! .

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