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Simplio GameFi Gateway
Simplio GameFi Gateway

Simplio GameFi Gateway

What is Simplio?

Simplio is an intuitive mobile application that simplifies user onboarding into GameFi, allowing users to play blockchain games instantly within the app and manage all game assets that gamer might need.

What is the main goal?

Simplio’s goal is to make Web3 games easily accessible for everyone without requiring any knowledge of crypto or blockchains by minimizing all barriers for players and game studios to speed up the mass adoption of GameFi.

Simplio GameFi Gateway

How does it work?

With Simplio, any mobile user can freely access and participate in the world of GameFi and instantly play any game on any blockchain with one registration, one seed, and one avatar. We provide a simple FIAT on-ramp when they are ready to make in-game purchases and become owners of crypto assets such as game tokens and NFTs. They can also exchange any to any game tokens with one click and without leaving the app. Simplio also offers a solution to swap game tokens back into fiat easily when gamers decide to withdraw their earnings.

Swapping game tokens is another beneficial function of the Simplio infrastructure. Aggregating major CEXs and DEXs and operating on multiple chains in real time allows users to make simple cross-chain swaps of gaming tokens with a single click. Simplio’s service manages the rest of the process for the user without taking bridge risks.

Simplio GameFi Gateway

What are the other benefits?

Simplio provides a ready-to-use self custodial wallet service that ensures users’ automatic wallet creation when it is needed. One wallet for all game tokens on any chain means no more switching among wallets. MetaMask, Phantom, or other solutions are no longer needed. Our wallet solution is the last that gamers will ever need. Thanks to implemented wallet connect users get an immediate free connection to mobile and desktop games.

Gamers or crypto users often do not realize they need to keep a bit of each chain’s token to approve various transactions and get stuck with no chain token left. Simplio removes this problem with its Metafee service so the user can make the transaction without any issues. Thus, blockchain tokens for transaction fees are no longer needed.

SIO powers the use of Simplio and provides HODLers with benefits (similar to other CEX tokens), including providing users with reduced fees on FIAT on/off ramps, token swaps (buy/sell), NFT purchases & NFT drops, and early access to partner launchers. SIO also provides several benefits to game developers.

Simplio GameFi Gateway
By providing a free and easy way to connect to Web3 games and try them out, we hope to expand the reachable user base for existing and new projects and accelerate GameFi adoption by creating a bridge between web2 and web3 games.

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