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Why is Simplio here?
Why is Simplio here?

Why is Simplio here?

Before we deep dive into what Simplio is building in the upcoming articles, we should first understand why Simplio is here and hence look closer at some of the game industry histories.

Game industry histories

In 1989, the release of the game Prince of Persia marked a significant moment in the industry as it was available on a wide range of platforms. However, players were required to own a computer or console and a physical medium, such as a disc, on which the game was stored. This meant that every time a player wanted to switch to a different game, they would need to repeat the installation process.

A few years later, the introduction of games on CD-ROMs allowed for the creation of virtual CD-ROM drives and the ability to store games on a hard drive, which prevented damage to discs and made it easier to switch between games. With the widespread adoption of the internet, in 2003, Valve released its first software client for the digital distribution of video games, marking a significant milestone in the industry. This made it no longer necessary to purchase physical copies of games and allowed players to download and play games almost immediately.

Today, after 19 years, Steam has amassed nearly 20% of global PC game sales, with over 132 million monthly active users and more than 32,000 PC games listed.

As the cryptocurrency market continues to grow at a rapid pace, the gaming sector is an excellent example of how decentralized finance can be utilized. However, similar to the challenges faced with installation mediums in the late 90s, the cryptocurrency market also has difficulties with the tools needed to start playing crypto-based games. This is where Simplio aims to make a difference, by eliminating these struggles and making the experience of playing Web3 games as seamless and comfortable as it is on Steam for Web2 games.

Why is Simplio here?

Web3 and web2 progression analogy

As the cryptocurrency space is still in its early stages, there are many projects attempting to address multiple issues simultaneously. The ecosystem is growing rapidly, much like the early days of the internet. As with any industry, there are fluctuations, and it is impossible to predict the future with certainty. However, by comparing the current state of the industry with its history, valuable lessons can be learned.

Currently, products in development are still very early and complex in nature. Similar to the challenges faced with installing games on diskettes or CDs in the past, ordinary individuals without proper knowledge may struggle to understand and utilize cryptocurrency. This is something that was taken into consideration during the development of Simplio. 


Why is Simplio here?
Our goal is to make the experience as simple and user-friendly as possible, allowing individuals to focus on what they enjoy most, playing games.

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