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Catacomb Crawlers
Catacomb Crawlers
Catacomb Crawlers

Catacomb Crawlers


Catacomb Crawlers is an online action role-playing game with roguelike mechanics, in which players have their characters face an endless number of dungeons. Depending on your preference, you can play the game alone or with your friends.

Upon leveling your character in a dungeon, you will be granted wildcards. Picking the best wildcard will make it a lot easier to clear the dungeons. However, the synergy between your hero, companion, and augments will be just as important as how you choose your wildcards. You’ll be able to mix and match items and use special effects on monsters like a burn, freeze, stun, poison, etc.

Every character will have their own unique spell, stats, and a general dodging ability that allows you to escape critical situations. Our vision is to develop an easy-to-play game with a shallow learning curve and will allow the players to have an enjoyable experience and earn an additional income.

The controls will be intuitive and user friendly, featuring a thumbstick overlay for the movement, a spellcasting button, and a dodge button, while auto-attacks being automatically performed upon standing still. Furthermore, two Player-versus-Player features will be present, along with a ranking system for 1v1 and 3v3 duels. The ranked PvP mode will prohibit players from using any type of equipment or companions. However, there will be a casual PvP mode, which will enable the player to use their entire loadlout.

RPG, Fantasy
Emeroth Studio, SRL
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