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Formacar Action has taken the gaming world by storm with its exhilarating mobile racing game, introducing innovative GameFi mechanics under the renowned Formacar Crypto global brand. Embark on a thrilling journey through the game's exciting elements that influence your gameplay:

Player's Experience and Progression: As you race, accumulate experience points, and level up your unique profile. Each completed race brings valuable rewards. Car Collection: Your private garage showcases all available vehicles, including those from Marketplace purchases. No limit to the number of cars you can own. Find car tuning components in the Marketplace.

Unique Tuning Parts for Each Car: Each car comes with its own unique tuning parts. Obtain them from loot boxes, events, tasks, or competitions. Storage: Tuning parts for unowned cars are stored separately until you sell or acquire the compatible car.

Challenges: Conquer diverse tasks of varying difficulty and win exclusive prizes. Engage in exciting challenges for rewards and excitement. In other words, Formacar Action is a large-scale game project at the forefront of the trending GameFi industry, where the principles of Play-To-Earn and Drive-To-Earn come together. This unique combination allows both gamers and real car owners to dive into an immersive automotive universe with real-life geolocation-based driving experience. Engage in thrilling races, complete events and missions, form communities, and build social connections while collecting and upgrading NFTs to earn valuable prizes and tokens. The exhilarating gameplay and rewarding experiences await you in this exciting realm of Formacar Action!

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