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Hangry Animals
Hangry Animals
Hangry Animals

Hangry Animals


Hangry Animals represents a captivating twist on the NFT (Non-Fungible Token) and metaverse concept. It is an innovative multimedia entertainment franchise envisioned by the Welsh artist Andrew Minton in collaboration with Coinburn. A unique blend of street art, digital generation aesthetics, and contemporary humor, Hangry Animals delves into the urban dystopian tensions, presented through memorable characters and engrossing narratives.

The Hangry Animals franchise was initially an inside joke among friends. However, it quickly expanded into a broad vision incorporating NFTs and metaverse components. The franchise gives collectors special privileges to an Angry Animals movie that features the voices of renowned recording artists, alongside access to exclusive events, screenings, and premium merchandise.

This franchise has evolved into a unique generative NFT metaverse known as the HangryVerse. Within this digital domain, users can mint their unique Hangry Animals NFTs that reflect the imbalanced tensions of contemporary urban life. The HangryVerse amalgamates digital generation street art and gritty humor with artificial intelligence and extended reality elements.

One of the key elements of the HangryVerse is HangryWood, a unique extended reality Hollywood-style entertainment feature. This space takes the user experience to the next level, providing a unique blend of entertainment and engagement in a digital, immersive environment. In essence, Hangry Animals presents a creative and thought-provoking platform for interaction and expression, bringing the urban experience into the digital age through an immersive metaverse.

Metaverse, AR
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