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Krypto Fighters
Krypto Fighters
Krypto Fighters

Krypto Fighters


Krypto Fighters: FIGHT, COLLECT and EARN in a nostalgic street fighting 2D pixel NFT Game. Krypto Fighters aspires to go beyond play-to-earn and become the most desired NFT state-of-the-art artifacts. Each collection features unique abilities and design concepts.

Dominate the Kryptopolis arena!

Step into the thrilling world of Krypto Fighters, a web3 sensation redefining gaming. Collect Fighters with unique traits, skills, and ultimate moves. Battle with tactics in turn-based street brawls, using fighting spirit to unleash powerful abilities. Conquer, rise in ranks, and become the street-fighting champion. Dive into faction-driven lore and enjoy captivating comics. Get ready for the ultimate gaming experience!

MAXMA Game Studio
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