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Legends of Tank
Legends of Tank
Legends of Tank

Legends of Tank


Legends of Tank is a real-time multiplayer game based on the iconic Tank Battalion of the 1990s. In this game, you will command and upgrade your tank fleet. Collaborate with other players or use your skills to conquer the battlefield before your opponents in the real-time battle arena! Let's begin your thrilling battle in the world of the Legends of Tank. Stay safe and bring home the loot !!!

Game modes

Earning Arena Mode

Practice your skills and earn modest rewards before stepping into intense PvP battles.

Battle Arena Mode

Engage in real-time PvP battles with four players competing to be the last survivor and claim rewards.

  • Realtime PvP
  • Map shrinks over time
  • Winner takes all

Team vs Team Mode

Build teams and challenge rival squads, with 6 players per team initially and plans for 5 players per team in the enhanced version.

  • Esport on web3
  • Create or join teams
  • More players, more action

Predict Mode

Showcase your reasoning and judgment by predicting winning teams and winning prizes without competing.


Establish and develop guilds & earn exclusive rewards as the Guild Owner.

Tetris Mode

Compete against your opponent in Classic Tetris and claim rewards from defeated players.

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