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Meta Lordz
Meta Lordz
Meta Lordz

Meta Lordz


Meta Lordz is a groundbreaking Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) RPG set in the dark medieval realm of Glasmire. Join the battle in real-time, ranked PvP tournaments or sharpen your skills in practice mode to dominate the arena and earn rewards like tokens and treasure chests.

Choose from five unique classes: Archers, Barbarians, Monks, Rogues, and Wizards, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Explore the vast world of Glasmire, brimming with quests, mysteries, and dangers, and forge alliances with other players to become the master of a Clan. Customize your warrior with collectible gear and trade items in the marketplace, enhancing your journey in this immersive metaverse.

As rumors of Skali's revival spread, the walled city of Venheim welcomes adventurers and thrill-seekers to serve the people. Embark on your Glasmire adventure with the founders pack, featuring the exclusive Advent Dawn Skin, and prepare for an epic journey where danger is worth a thousand days of ease and comfort. Join the Meta Lordz universe and become a legend in this dark medieval metaverse.

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