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Rogue Nation
Rogue Nation
Rogue Nation

Rogue Nation


Rogue Nation - Embark on an Epic Cross-Platform RPG Adventure

Discover Rogue Nation, an immersive and thrilling free-to-play mobile-first cross-platform Rogue-lite Action RPG (ARPG) by Moonlit Game Studio. Immerse yourself in a world where strategic choices, challenging dungeons, and unique characters define your journey.

Craft Your Ultimate Team
Build your team of distinctive characters, powerful pets, and an array of weapons to conquer treacherous dungeons, epic raids, and face off against other players.

Player Agency and Immersion
In the realm of ARPGs, player agency reigns supreme. Take control of your character's development, equipment, and playstyle. Overcome obstacles and adversaries with your strategic prowess and skillful decision-making.

Strategic Dungeon Runs
Delve into fast-paced dungeon runs where your choices matter as much as your abilities. Strategically assemble your team and choose loadouts that complement each other. Master the art of timing, dodging, and unleashing devastating attacks.

Unleash the Combo Attack
Execute precise monster kills to trigger combo attacks, racking up scores for greater rewards. Utilize these rewards to strengthen your characters and weapons, preparing them for greater challenges.

Varied Gameplay Roles
While traditional RPG roles like Tank, Healer, DPS, and Support have their place, Rogue Nation's gameplay is flexible. Aggro management, healing output, and damage output are all essential skills for overcoming its most demanding content.

Dynamic Procedural Dungeons
Embark on procedurally generated dungeon adventures that offer unique challenges and diverse environments. Encounter a variety of monsters, traps, and bosses while exploring the world's biomes.

Elemental Synergies
Engage in elemental combat where strategic choices matter. Elemental interactions play a pivotal role; for instance, fire attacks deal more damage to ice enemies, but water attacks deal extra damage to fire.

Evolution through Challenges
Progress by conquering ever more challenging dungeons. Strengthen your characters and gear with rewards earned from each successful run.

Endless Possibilities
Rogue Nation's procedurally generated dungeons ensure endless diversity. Faction, class, and elemental synergies come into play, affecting the outcome of each adventure.

Single, Co-op, and PvP Play
Rogue Nation aims to be the ultimate experience for solo, co-op, and player-versus-player gameplay. As the game evolves, new features will be introduced through live-ops events, designed to ensure sustained engagement and excitement.

Prepare to embark on an ARPG adventure like no other. Rogue Nation awaits, ready to challenge your strategic mind and combat prowess.

Action, RPG
Moonlit Games
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