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Welcome to Sugarverse, an exciting candy-themed metaverse of seven planets, each hosting a unique mobile game. This innovative gaming universe blends entertainment with rewards, creating a balanced in-game economy that effectively tackles the usual pitfalls of reward-based gaming dynamics.

Within Sugarverse, players claim land, erect buildings, and secure rewards as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) or CNDY tokens. Each planet presents a one-of-a-kind mobile game, either developed by Sugarverse or in partnership with other gaming studios. These casual, high-quality games are designed for both experienced and novice crypto gamers, ensuring a smooth entry for newcomers to the world of crypto gaming.

Sugarverse aims to revolutionize the gaming scene, offering a metaverse that enhances player experience. Benefiting from the fast-growing popularity of blockchain gaming, it also acts as a launchpad for gaming studios. In Sugarverse, players truly own their gaming experience - all game assets are NFTs and can be traded on open markets. For transparency and fairness, all in-game transactions are recorded on the blockchain.

The world of Sugarverse operates with a native token, CNDY, which is used as a governance token as well as in-game currency for gameplay and trading on the marketplace. CNDY is the default currency in Sugarverse. In addition, there are in-game points named gCNDY, earned through gameplay and convertible to CNDY tokens on the marketplace. Welcome to Sugarverse - the sweetest gaming adventure!

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