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Tiny World
Tiny World
Tiny World

Tiny World


Welcome to Tiny World, a fun trading game filled with heroes from history! Tiny World combines high-quality gameplay with cool features like DAO governance. In this game, you can play exciting games like Tiny Kingdom and Tiny Dungeons, or try out Tiny Farm, where you can pair up fun NFT heroes with DeFi for a smooth GameFi experience.

In Tiny World, there are three main parts: Tiny Farm, Tiny Kingdom, and Tiny Dungeons. You can enjoy all parts of the game from one app. Tiny Farm is where you can use DeFi features of Tiny World. Here, you can stake NFT heroes and mine.

You can collect Tiny Hero NFTs to start playing the game. Each hero has a class, represented by colors, with grey being the lowest and red the highest. You can make your heroes stronger by using lower-class heroes, which boosts their power and skills.

Tiny Kingdom is an easy-to-play battle game. Send your heroes to fight against enemies and win resources and crystals. The better your heroes, the more materials you can earn!

Tiny Dungeons is a fun defense game where you can build your own dungeon and protect it from enemies. You can use your heroes to defend your dungeon and attack others. So, step into Tiny World and start your exciting journey today!

Fantasy, Trading
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