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Vault Hill
Vault Hill
Vault Hill

Vault Hill


Welcome to Vault Hill City, a fun and engaging social XR Metaverse. In this world, you can connect with other players in virtual spaces and feel more alive than ever before! Vault Hill City is based on seven human feelings: curiosity, vision, community, idealism, energy, love, and imagination. And the best part? You can own virtual land and be part of the NFT-based economy.

In Vault Hill City, you can use XR to feel more connected and more human. The game wants to enhance your experience and make you feel more alive when you're playing. You can explore your creativity and make money in a secure space, too.

In Vault Hill City, you can build, play games, and meet other players in a virtual world. The game even has urban planning and development benefits!

Use your imagination with VR simulations, or try out AR capabilities. With AR, you can create a URL to show off your products or services.

Vault Hill City also has cool features like the info center, teleport, NFT galleries, and Amrita Sethi’s CrystalBYTEs meditation space. Each of the seven districts in the game has its own color, which stands for a human feeling. You can teleport to these districts, visit galleries, and even join mindfulness sessions.

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Vault Hill
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