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Wizarre breaks new ground as a Free-to-Play (F2P) game that integrates blockchain technology, offering players the chance not only to play but also to earn tokens through dynamic gameplay or contributing to the ecosystem. This fusion of F2P and Play & Earn (P&E) mechanisms is a revolutionary step, merging fun with profit.

Drawing inspiration from beloved artillery games and a fantasy world brimming with magic and wizards, Wizarre lets players engage in thrilling battles on a 2D map, conjure powerful wizards, and trade them with others. Participation in seasonal leagues can yield loot-boxes, enhancing the thrill of the game.

Designed for both smartphones and computers, Wizarre fills a significant gap in the market for blockchain games on mobile devices - a massive market given the popularity of smartphone gaming among younger generations, particularly in South East Asia.

A standout feature of Wizarre is the blockchain-based economy design, which rewards players for their contributions to the ecosystem. No longer do players need to purchase a game or pay the publisher directly to win. In-game purchases can be resold within the game's marketplace or on external NFT marketplaces, providing assurance to players that these items genuinely belong to them.

Fantasy, Artillery
Flying Cactus
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